10 Nights of Sophistication

The 10 Nights of Sophistication is our creative spin on our grand opening in our new home located within the Designers Studio.

We have curated a 10-day event tailored to highlight various audiences that have not only supported us since inception, but that also speak to areas that represent our brand. 

For 10 days, our specially chosen audiences will be able to view our new Avenue Home items, shop our collections, network with like minded individuals and brands, and also have the opportunity  depending on the night, to receive beneficial information from industry individuals. 

This event is so exclusive that it is by invitation only, and each night will only be open to 10 guests. The Allen Avenue prides itself on exclusivity and we want you to experience this event with us!



While Covid-19 has adjusted our plans, we are being purposeful to ensure that we keep you and the rest of our guests safe.  We will be adhering to the following safety protocols:


  1. We are limiting our guest count to 10 guests. Outside of our staff we will only be allowing 10 guests at each night. 

  2. Guests are asked to wear masks upon entry and should only be removed when eating. Should you forget your mask don’t worry! We will have options available for you to purchase. 

  3. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival, and the necessary contact information will be taken to ensure that we are able to be transparent at all costs. 

  4. Hand sanitizers will be available all thought the event space




Information on 10 Nights of Sophistication


Night 1: Tuesday November 10, 2020 : Family Night (Closed Event)

Night 2: Tuesday November 12, 2020: VIP Night

Night 3: Tuesday November 17, 2020 : Music Night

Night 4: Thursday November 19, 2020 : Date Night

Night 5: Tuesday November 24, 2020 : Influencer Night

Night 6: Thursday November 26, 2020: Young Leaders Night

Night 7: Tuesday December 1, 2020: Sophisticate Night

Night 8: Thursday December 3, 2020: Kings Only Night

Night 9: Tuesday December 8, 2020: CEO & Bosses Night

Night 10: Thursday December 10, 2020: Queens Only Night